An emergency situation demands more capacity — fast.

The .9 MGD Point Peter Wastewater Treatment Plant, owned by the City of St. Marys, was repeatedly exceeding discharge limits due to unexpected development. It needed a fast capacity upgrade to prevent fines and to bring it within operational compliance.

Demand expectations warrant another major expansion.

The city selected construction management at risk to accelerate the emergency upgrade schedule, expedite regulatory approval and permitting, and to release long-lead time equipment early in the project cycle. Haskell doubled the facility’s capacity to 1.8 MGD in less than 12 months. Immediately following the successful upgrade, the city began a 4.0 MGD expansion again using construction management at risk to mitigate the cost.

The city achieves compliance and capacity objectives.

The initial upgrade was delivered in less than 12 months and the expansion to 4.0 MGD was complete in 21 months. In the end, regulatory agencies never assessed the city with any fines and the city finally achieved a long-term solution to its capacity and compliance issues.

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