A wastewater treatment plant calls for modernization.

The Live Oak Wastewater Treatment Plant was under pressure. It needed to accommodate additional flow from a new prison and achieve public access reuse standards. The task of modernizing the plant was a contact awarded to Haskell. The city felt the team’s expertise and construction methodology would help them bring the project to bear with greater success.

The city saves enough on project resources to fund another.

Haskell used construction management-at-risk and design-build to upgrade and then expand the facility. The 1.25 MGD upgrade and, later, a 1.25 MGD expansion helped the city meet public access reuse standards and accommodate the growing demand. In fact, Haskell efficiency generated such substantial savings the city was able to fund another improvement project.

Customer satisfaction leads to additional improvements.

With the new plant in service and project resources to spare, the city was able to build a 3,200-square-foot administration building with a value of $400,000. While city officials expected a successful outcome to their water project, they never expected to be able to build on Haskell’s performance and commitment in such a tangible way.

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