Wastewater systems often pose unique challenges.

The City of Layton Wastewater System was the first design-build effort on the part of the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) for a wastewater treatment project. It was also the first system to meet state requirements for 10/10/10/1 effluent discharge. When Haskell was selected to design and build the project, the city got more than engineering and construction services; they got a true project partner.

We saved resources and ensured on-time delivery.

Haskell value engineering lowered the project total by $600,000 without sacrificing quality or function. Schedule management saw the project to an on-time completion despite four hurricane-forced evacuations. The project brought jobs into a labor starved environment and encountered other obstacles including an owner change that increased the contract value by 20 percent but added no additional time.

An involved community saves on city oversight.

In just 17 months, the city had a sanitary sewer collection and transmission system and a best available technology wastewater treatment plant. In fact, the citizens of Layton were a critical part of the project team. With construction on every city street, a detailed public involvement plan was developed and implemented to keep residents in the know about changes, needs and impacts. Haskell crews self-performed 40 percent of the project, which greatly improved service and met new state requirements.

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