Boca Raton’s colored water posed problems.

Boca Raton, like many South Florida communities, had a water problem that was purely aesthetic. Naturally occurring organic matter made the raw water supply normal quality but, unfortunately, an abnormal color. While the water quality didn’t pose health concerns, customers objected to it. When making water quality compliance upgrades, city leaders established another goal: to clear the water. They called on Haskell for a solution to their turbidity problem.

We used advanced processes to clear the water.

City council authorized final design and construction of a 40-MGD, state-of-the-art membrane softening process. At the time, the process was so large the Boca Raton facility became the largest operational membrane softening process facility in the world. The modern, 70-MGD water treatment plant uses a nanofiltration membrane system and state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology to provide customers with dramatically improved, appealingly clear drinking water.

The city’s water color complaints dried up.

Today, the water treatment plant provides Boca Raton residents and customers with regulatory-compliant, high-quality water. Customers may not know about the advanced processes the city has put in place, but they can see the difference in every glass of clear, top-quality drinking water.

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