May 3, 2022

Safety Week 2022: Construction Leaders Discuss Empathy, Support

Forming authentic connections with fellow team members is crucial to offering the level of support needed to promoting physical and mental health.


The theme of Construction Safety Week 2022 is “Connected. Supported. Safe.,” and Haskell brought together leaders with different perspectives on the industry and the enterprise to examine how the three intertwined to create the optimal work environment.

Taylor Williams, Master Trainer from Haskell’s Learning, Development & Engagement team, leads a roundtable with Pete Kinsley, President of the Infrastructure & Transportation Group; Project Superintendent Shawn Bushong; and Project Manager Jeb McLendon to unpack how Haskell team members support one another to affect positive physical and mental health.

The first question: What do the words connected, supported and safe mean to you as a leader?

“I think, I think those three go well together,” Kinsley said. “You need to connect with your people. You need to support them in everything they do in order to create that safe environment. For me, support starts with authentic relationships with my team. It creates the environment where we can have conversations about what's going on at Haskell or what's going on at their house and take care of them.”

Bushong reflected on his experience leading a construction job site when COVID-19 brought the world to a halt in Spring 2020 to illustrate how connections and support resulted in safety.

“When the pandemic broke, we were working in New Jersey,” Bushong said. “The chaos and the emotional turmoil that everybody on the job site was going through, like, ‘How do I protect my family? Do I come to work?’ I think what that did for us as an industry really is that it opened us up to shedding that tough construction-guy exterior.

“Now, instead of having those everyday discussions and just being about work, (there’s been) the introduction of the family, your concerns. I have a daughter with an autoimmune deficiency. How do I protect her? How do I feed her?”

Today, invites you to share these insights and enjoy “Safety Week: What Does Support Mean to You?

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