Turbomeca’s new facility would serve the United States military.

In manufacturing, customer requirements often lead to very tough facility requirements. The Turbomeca TMM Manufacturing Facility, which would produce military helicopter turbine engines, was set to be Paris-based parent company SAFRAN’s first U.S. new construction project. Haskell approached the 42-acre site and project as any other — with an innovative master plan and exceptional teamwork.

One of the project’s main challenges was ensuring temperature and air velocity controls.

The 112,000-square-foot structure used tilt-up construction with a single-ply roof and involved unique provisions. Temperature gradients, humidity and air velocity would be major concerns. The facility would accommodate thermal heat treatment, non-destructive testing, metrology, labs and production. The site was also master planned for a second manufacturing facility.

Our resources ensured on-time delivery while meeting stringent production criteria.

SAFRAN’s first new construction project in the United States was a great success. The facility’s 92,000 square feet of production and 20,000 square feet of office space were built on tighter than average time frame and, in fact, actually finished earlier than scheduled.

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