Monsanto Agricultural Processing Facility

Multiple Locations

Monsanto utilized Haskell’s expert design team to create state-of-the-art processing facilities.

Monsanto, one of the world’s largest sustainable agriculture companies, produces seeds for fruits, vegetables, and key crops – such as corn, soybeans and cotton – that help farmers have better harvests while using water and other important resources more efficiently. As their business has expanded through the years, Monsanto has turned to Haskell’s team of engineering experts on multiple occasions to help them design and upgrade several state-of-the-art facilities for processing corn and cottonseed across the Midwest.

Three separate plants were designed to facilitate Monsanto’s corn and cotton processing needs.

Haskell designed two greenfield corn seed processing facilities for two 150-acre sites in Waco, Nebraska, and Independence, Iowa. Each of these facilities included systems for corn receiving, husking and sorting, drying, conditioning and bulk storage. Plans also included a dust collection system and utility infrastructure as well as railroad improvements and office space. Beyond the corn processing, our engineering team was also able to design a soybean processing system at the Independence location based on Monsanto’s original prototype.

A third facility, for cottonseed processing, was also designed for a site in Lubbock, Texas. This 500,000-square-foot facility was designed to be Monsanto’s primary hub for cottonseed processing in the U.S. with included systems for cleaning, treating and bagging Monsanto’s Deltapine® brand of cottonseed.

In addition to generating the original designs for all three of these facilities, we also provided additional design and construction support for expansions to these locations.

Each of these projects added to Haskell’s growing manufacturing design resume in the agricultural market.

Agriculture is a critical industry around the globe. We are always happy to work with manufacturers in this market, like Monsanto, to optimize their operations and bolster production growth with new innovations and technology.



  • Designed two greenfield, state-of-the-art corn seed processing facilities
  • Both facilities included receiving, husking, sorting, drying, conditioning, storage and utility infrastructure
  • Our design team also developed the process design for soybean processing at the Independence, IA, location
  • Haskell supplied design and construction support services for a greenfield, state-of-the-art cotton seed processing facility in Lubbock, Texas
  • As Monsanto’s primary U.S. hub for cottonseed processing, this facility design included cleaning, treating and bagging cottonseed

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