Project helps improve quality of life for military personnel.

The Marine Corps believes in caring for its members and their families. When temporary lodging needs arise, the Corps makes no exception. Temporary lodging facilities offer short-term housing solutions for military members, their families and guests. The Marine Corps selected Haskell as the partner to help achieve their mission.

The Marine Corps became members of the design team.

Marine Corps tradition dictates that the mission takes priority. To help achieve its goals, the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) participated in the facility design. The collaborative design effort included building full-scale mock-ups of lodge rooms. This allowed the client to actually experience the design. Haskell empowered MCCS to better accomplish its goals without uncertainty.

The LEED Gold design accommodates Marines and the environment.

The Miramar Inn provides an inviting atmosphere for military personnel. The two new wings provide amenities alleviating the stress often associated with moves. The LEED Gold Certified facility gets 14 percent of its electrical usage from renewable energy, reduces storm water runoff and incorporates Energy Management and Control systems to lower energy costs.

Green Features

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  • Highly efficient mechanical systems and low flow fixtures.
  • Building materials were sourced locally.
  • Recycling and landfill diversion.
  • Approximately 14 percent of the facility's electricity usage is solar generated.
  • Facility design reduces storm water runoff and contributes to Low Impact Design.
  • Energy Management and Control Systems significantly reduce the facility's energy consumption.

Leed Certification


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