Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Facility

Cape Cod, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

Two decades later, new housing was a welcome addition.

Originally requested in the 1990s, the Coast Guard sought to rebuild its Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) at the USCG Air Station, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Finally, decades later, approval came through, and Haskell responded by creating a design-build solution that incorporated imaginative Coast Guard heraldry into both the interior and exterior of the project, all within significant budget constraints. The facility provides housing for 42 residents in 21 suites and represents a significant upgrade and welcomed addition.

Thoughtful scheduling helps negate the harsh effects of winter.

Haskell completely re-worked the project schedule around the Coast Guard’s delayed award date so that work that was less weather-dependent, such as steel erection and precast concrete panel erection, could progress throughout the harsh Cape Cod winter months while still safely delivering a high-quality facility that executed the unique design requirements of the Design Team and the Coast Guard.

Construction practices were Eastern Box Turtle-friendly.

Haskell obtained the services of a biologist to investigate the entire limits of disturbance to ensure there were no Eastern Box Turtles already present. We then installed exclusion fencing to ensure that the turtles could not enter the construction site, and also received continual training on what to do if the endangered turtle was encountered.

  • LEED® Silver Certification
  • 21,000 SF two-story housing facility for 42 residents in 21 suites
  • Steel structure, pre-cast concrete exterior walls, flat membrane roofing system
  • New pavilion, sandy volleyball court, picnic tables and seating for the patio and pavilion
  • Associated Builders and Contractors Excellence in Construction Award
  • Construction Waste Management Plan diverted nearly 75% of construction waste from the landfill
  • Maximized use of recycled materials in the building
  • Maximized indoor quality of life for Coast Guard personnel through design and ability for these users to control their own environments
  • Ample natural daylighting with over-sized windows in all regularly occupied living, working and common spaces
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow system that surpassed the required 30% EPAct energy savings
  • Plumbing system designed and verified to save more than 40% of water use

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