Emulation guides new and existing lines to optimal function without affecting current production.

Emulation is quickly becoming a manufacturing best practice.

Emulation is one of the greatest advantages in both new and existing systems development and implementation. The process, which utilizes detailed 3-D models, is a way to debug and analyze equipment, processes and scenarios without impacting production. The process can dramatically reduce training time and push systems to full production levels much faster than projected — even for highly complex systems. Haskell uses emulation to achieve optimal function and control the risks of manufacturing, packaging and distribution systems.

We employ emulation to safely speed system start-up and de-bugging.

Our Six Sigma and PMP certified teams create models for use in code development and de-bugging, production simulation and operator training. The models connect to the actual PLC and HMI programs to establish optimum system performance even as the system is being constructed. Through emulation, we reliably achieve faster time-to-market, more effective operator training and manage the risks of complex systems to deliver on time and on budget.


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