State-of-the-art entertainment zone improves the quality of life of U.S. Army personnel.

America’s warriors make more than their share of sacrifices. That’s why Fort Riley leadership wanted to boost the base’s quality of living with interesting on-base entertainment options — much like civilians regularly enjoy. They turned to Haskell to design and deliver an electronic gaming and entertainment complex where active duty forces can relax and unwind.

We helped base leadership go beyond the uniform and cater to individuals.

The Warrior Zone is a 27,000-square-foot single-story recreation and entertainment option within the bounds of Fort Riley. The venue contains a main gaming area, food and drink preparation and serving areas, a kitchen, home theater, outdoor entertainment areas, offices and storage spaces. The facility is also linked to other similar on-base venues around the country allowing for “friendly” competition among the various units.

The Warrior Zone brings on-duty soldiers an opportunity for socialization and fun.

The LEED® Silver certified facility gives personnel the opportunity to interact with remotely located peers and free Wi-Fi that helps them stay connected. It’s a socialization hub for base personnel with relaxing communications/computing areas, dining options and recreational activities.

Green Features

Leed Certification Logo
  • LEED® Silver certified.
  • HVAC and Lighting – 23 percent reduction in building energy cost compared to ASHRAE standard.
  • Materials – Recycled 83 percent of construction waste. 21 percent of building materials came from recycled sources. 21 percent of building materials came from regional sources.
  • Water Conservation – Reduced potable water use by more than 50 percent.

Leed Certification

LEED Silver

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