An aging beachfront community needed to attract visitors and local residents.

Jacksonville Beach leaders wanted to attract visitors and residents to the aging core beachfront community. While they wanted a new flagship venue, they recognized the fiscal constraints and need for tangible results so they partnered with Haskell. The solution was the 5,000-square-foot Sea Walk Pavilion and adjoining Town Center Commons Space.

A practical design solves real challenges.

The unique gathering place functions as a town center for the area — part public park, part festival location and part concert venue. Built to last, the Sea Walk Pavilion can withstand year after year of harsh exposure to destructive sand and salt. Haskell completed the durable structure within four months and under budget.

We accomplished a great deal of interest in a small oceanfront footprint.

Built in just four months, the project has received nine local and national awards of excellence. Today, the venue serves more than one million people in Jacksonville Beach and surrounding communities. It’s the crowning achievement in an effort to revitalize the core of Jacksonville Beach and will enhance the cultural life of the beachfront community for years to come.

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