Port of Miami has a reputation to maintain.

Port of Miami is the Cruise Capital of The World and The Cargo Gateway of the Americas. To maintain their competitive rank, a redevelopment of cruise and cargo operations was required. Haskell's versatile, integrated design-build and construction management at-risk delivery models offered the depth of skill and resources to complete such an extensive capital project.

A world-class renovation was no simple task.

Construction began simultaneously on 37 projects, including cargo terminal facilities, two new wharves to accommodate an entirely new class of supertankers, a new berth to increase cruise ship docking capacity, and new parking facilities. Port of Miami's facilities can now contain the growing demands of the cruise and cargo industries.

A busy port can't close for renovations.

A single point of accountability assured high-quality, on-time delivery without exceeding the project's budget. Improvements were coordinated around cargo schedules and cruise ship arrivals to ensure daily operations experienced minimal interruption during construction.

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