Cutting-edge technologies improve efficiency and productivity throughout the project lifecycle.

VDC/BIM can be the single most powerful pre-construction activity towards overall project success.

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is the practice of building a computer-generated 3D model prior to actual construction. The term VDC, or virtual design and construction, refers to the steps/entire process that our team will use to ensure we deliver a high quality project to our clients. This process aligns stakeholder expectations, reduces risk to overall cost and schedule due to rework, and enhances overall customer experience and satisfaction. As a world leader in the AEC industry, Haskell utilizes virtual design and construction through all phases of design to maximize project efficiency.

Haskell leverages BIM on all projects throughout the project delivery process.

From early design through construction and into the field, as well as into client occupancy, we leverage BIM. We empower client stakeholders, design, construction, and field personnel with cutting-edge office and mobile technologies, including smarter model-based decision making tools to ensure high-quality, complex projects are delivered successfully.


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