Verify existing conditions for renovation or expansion.

Eliminate the unknowns in expansion and renovation projects.

Although facilities undergo maintenance that can alter the size and location of different components, many owners still rely solely on old as-built drawings in expansion or renovation projects. These differences can greatly affect the design and construction of the project. Laser scanning involves utilizing laser light to capture billions of scan data points to produce a photorealistic, highly dense point cloud 3D model representation of existing conditions of the facility in an accurate manner, which leads to more efficient design and construction processes. This process has been proven to drastically reduce the greatest risk to clients: the risk of the unknown.

Track construction progress more precisely than ever before.

Laser scanning technologies can be utilized during the construction phase to capture actual progress and measure it against scheduled progress in the BIM model. In addition, such scans can alert project managers of construction or installation deviations from the design. This allows for faster reactions to minor design inconsistencies before they accumulate and cause larger problems in the future.

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