EPC is the widely used acronym for the project delivery method known as engineer-procure-construct. Much like design-build, EPC is delivered by a single entity assuming responsibility for the entire project. In this case, the scope of the project is predominantly comprised of the manufacturing systems within the facility (i.e. process and packaging systems). The scope includes integrating the design of the system, the procurement of the equipment that makes up the system, and the installation and start-up of the systems to operational status.

EPC projects may or may not include a building component, but must include procurement to qualify as an EPC. There may be a system performance requirement of the project, but not necessarily so. When the requirement is included, performance must be demonstrated during system acceptance testing as defined by the project scope. The supporting contract can be Lump Sum, Cost plus fee, or Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). The project risk for the owner is limited, as it is substantially transferred to the EPC firm. EPC delivery, like design-build, provides clients even greater time and cost savings by integrating more design and construction activities on their project.




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