Project Superintendent Jay Treon is currently overseeing work on the Greenland Water Reclamation Facility in southeast Jacksonville, Florida, the community’s first new wastewater facility in 45 years.

January 18, 2023

He’s Built it All, but Jay Treon Likes the Challenge of Water Projects

An organic chemistry major with decades of construction leadership experience, Treon is happy with his career and his choice to practice it with Haskell.


Haskell Project Superintendent Jay Treon figures he has built just about everything but houses.

He’s built intricate architectural buildings at Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina, a big industrial addition for 3M in Greenville and a precast parking deck at Spartanburg, S.C., General Hospital.

But it was when he got into water and wastewater treatment that Treon found the construction market that he says will fascinate him until he retires.

“They are complicated projects, but that’s what makes them interesting. Each one is unique,” Treon said. “There are a lot of processes, equipment and specialized systems. They are challenging, but they keep you motivated.”

Some of his affinity for water work probably springs from the fact that he majored in organic chemistry, but by the time he graduated from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, he knew his path would take another direction.

“A friend of mine got me to go into construction,” Treon said. “He offered me a job, so I decided to try it. And here I am, 43 years later.”

He owned and operated a construction business in the 1990s – “I lost my mind and went into business for myself. I had between 50 and 100 employees. I finally came to my senses and sold my business.” – before spending 18 years working for a Columbia, South Carolina-based commercial contractor.

“One of the superintendents had gone to Haskell, and in 2019, he convinced me to talk to them,” he said. “It seemed like a good fit, so I made the move And I’m happy I made the move. It’s a good company, a great group of people. I will just keep going until it’s time to retire.”

Senior Project Manager Omar Rodriguez met Treon in June 2020 when they were assigned to a project to improve the efficiency and extend the lifespan of the Upper Occoquan Service Authority in Centreville, Virginia. More than 1.7 million residents in northern Virginia depend on the facility for wastewater treatment.

Because of project changes and pandemic challenges, the three-year project had fallen behind schedule.

“It was a difficult project with multiple issues,” Rodriguez said. “Jay is very a dedicated superintendent. He has worked in multiple industries. He has a lot of knowledge and can solve complex issues in the field. “He cares about the people he supervises and works with. He’s going to carry everyone to the finish line.”

The team recouped the lost year and brought the project in on time. That achievement was recognized by the First Coast chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors with an Eagle Award.

Currently, Treon is overseeing work on the Greenland Water Reclamation Facility in southeast Jacksonville, Florida, the first new wastewater facility in Duval County in 45 years. Once operational, it will serve the new and fast-growing area of the city by treating 4 million gallons of wastewater per day. The wastewater will be disinfected and can be discharged into the St. Johns River and wetlands.

Away from work, Treon and his wife, Tammy, love to fish, in both fresh and saltwater. When they’re not fishing, they spend time with their seven grandchildren. They are involved with the Girls Scouts (favorite cookie: Thin Mints) and go camping with the girls. They helped make the float for the Christmas parade.

All in all, Treon said his is a happy, busy life.

“I just love what I do. I couldn’t have picked a better career,” he said. “You get a lot of satisfaction. You drive past something you built 20 years ago and think, ‘Wow, I helped build that.’ That’s a level of satisfaction most people don’t get out of their career.”

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