Design Services Delivery

Whether designing a master plan for a campus or a system for a manufacturing plant, Haskell consistently leads the way in the latest innovative, sustainable solutions to the planning challenges our clients face by focusing on their vision.

We believe in both the physical and intangible benefits of design as a differentiator of successful capital projects. Through intentional acts of creativity, we work every day to connect forward-thinking design with sound construction management processes. Ours is a broader view that helps transcend client expectations and inspire new industry standards.

This method generally includes up front design and engineering, as well as project management and construction management for implementation and startup of the systems. The contracting method chosen to support this delivery method is dependent on several factors including: experience with the client, clarity of the project scope, and perceived risk. Project types may vary from studies (master plans, conceptual plans, and definitive plans) to large implementations, including construction and system startup.

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