Material handling can be the strategic differentiator in your production line.

Feed the supply chain with ultra-efficient material handling.

Haskell helps clients develop efficient supply chains from receipt of raw materials through delivery of finished products. Whether addressing an existing systems’ capabilities and constraints or developing a greenfield solution, we understand clearly defined, controlled manufacturing relies on effective and efficient material handling. To that end, we bring vast technical understanding of material handling to each project - establishing critical procedures and adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices.

We optimize solutions by using state-of-the-art design tools.

Our project management professionals are skilled in designing for volume demands as well as product variety. Equally important, we excel at translating and applying Lean principles into the unique world of high-speed manufacturing. We build layout, automation and storage strategies for clients that limit risks and unknowns by incorporating state-of-the-art system modeling tools such as simulation, emulation and capacity analysis.


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