The first step in finding verifiable solutions is to understand the issues.

Problems and potential factor into line performance.

Packaging system development can prove expensive and extensive. That’s why many clients opt to partner with Haskell for the detailed effort. We develop baseline system metrics, answer ROI questions, verify in-house data, uncover opportunity targets and other diagnostics that factor into clients’ decisions to buy, build or modify high-speed packaging or manufacturing lines. To find answers, we address every facet of the line including people, equipment, materials, procedures and automation.

We audit every if, what and when of packaging lines.

Our Six Sigma and PMP certified teams assess the lines’ performance, components and capacity to gain a true picture of effectiveness. From interviewing personnel to analyzing what-if scenarios, we identify targets of opportunity, produce meaningful data for decision-making and identify a system’s current or future constraints. Our tools – from the OEE analysis spreadsheet to 3D simulation – illuminate the dynamics of the system to provide a deeper understanding of its potential. We use years of practical floor experience to not only quantify problem areas, but also ensure our solutions will deliver optimal performance


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