Haskell Restructures Project Delivery Group to Respond to New Economy

Haskell Restructures Project Delivery Group to Respond to New Economy

JACKSONVILLE, FL – In anticipation of expected infrastructure growth under the new government in Washington, Haskell announced the restructuring of divisions to create its new Infrastructure & Transportation Group, merging its Aviation, Aerospace & Manufacturing division with the Water; Municipal & Education and PM/CM divisions and adding the recently acquired civil infrastructure engineering firm Benham. The combination of these previously separate divisions creates a unique blend of expertise and experience in the types of projects that will be critical to infrastructure development in the U.S. This new group is expected to focus on project development in the areas of public and private infrastructure for cities, states, sea ports, airports and critical transportation projects.

Every four years, The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) releases a report card informing the public of the adequacy of America’s infrastructure. The 2013 unveiling of the report card captured a crumbling infrastructure, earning the U.S. an overall D+ grade. It is unclear what the nation’s overall grade will be with the newest release on March 9, 2017; however, ASCE does point to an expected decrease in structurally deficient bridges. There are other reasons to expect expansion in infrastructure. Recently passed legislation, such as the Water Resources Development Act of 2016 and the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act, is an example of government action to fix long-standing issues. Government support will be paramount to success, as ASCE estimates that an investment of $3.6 trillion is needed by 2020 to repair America’s failing infrastructure.

For Haskell, this represents an exciting opportunity for the company and the public. Labeled as “the key to mankind’s health and welfare” by Group President Peter Kinsley, infrastructure – and companies who can fulfill those needs – will become vital as the nation’s structures and systems continue to age. “The current state of our country’s infrastructure is challenging, but Haskell’s Infrastructure & Transportation Group has a noble mission. We intend to make people’s lives better by leveraging our talented and intelligent design and construction personnel in combination with our deep understanding of infrastructure to delivery facilities of exceptional value for our clients,” said Kinsley. “In short, we intend to be part of the rebuilding America.”

The expected – and needed – pouring of economic resources into United States’ infrastructure has also drawn Haskell’s focus to public-private partnerships. Paul Raudenbush, Haskell’s Senior Vice President of Planning & Development, said public-private partnerships are one of the ways that the private sector can help solve the challenging economic issues related to this expected growth. “The new economy will need the private sector to support infrastructure projects in order to control costs and provide solutions that really create value,” Raudenbush said.

While the portrait of the nation’s infrastructure is seemingly dire, it is also brimming with opportunity. Kinsley believes the Infrastructure & Transportation group will allow Haskell to be a part of “designing and building a better world, country and community.”

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