Haskell Delivers Strategic Training Facility for the U.S. Coast Guard

Haskell Delivers Strategic Training Facility for the U.S. Coast Guard

JACKSONVILLE, FL – As part of a progressive, disciplined acquisition strategy, the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) is replacing its aging 110-foot Island-class patrol boats with new 154-foot Sentinel-class fast response cutters (FRC) – capable of deploying independently and designed for missions including ports, waterways and coastal security; drug and migrant interdiction; search and rescue; and other law enforcement and defense readiness missions.

These advanced capabilities of the FRC fleet, will require improved crewmember training opportunities. To address this new reality, Haskell partnered with the USCG to deliver an $8 million addition to their national security cutter C4ISR training building which houses the USCG developed training platform. This facility enables crews to gain virtual experience using the fast response cutters’ command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance equipment across a wide spectrum of potential operational conditions and scenarios.

The FRC training wing addition contains classrooms, offices and the Coast Guard built C4ISR system and FRC control platform as found on the new cutters. It also provides a new permanent home for the training mockup that had been previously installed in a temporary facility.

The training facility provides more than just basic experience using sensors, communications, weapons systems and other equipment. Classroom instruction and simulator training give crews experience with daily tasks and procedures on a cutter, and teaches them to work as a team to accomplish objectives. The training simulator also provides a low-risk environment where students can make mistakes and learn from them without disrupting a real operation.

Haskell appreciates the opportunity to act as a trusted advisor to the USCG on more than ten projects, and to play a role in shaping the service’s vision of the future. Training Center Petaluma, the Coast Guard’s largest West Coast Training Center, provides multi-mission services that are vital to our national security and supports the USCG’s global mission.