Haskell Achieves LEED Certification on Nine Military Facilities

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Over the past year, Haskell’s Government Facilities Division has received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) on nine new military facilities. This translates into significant savings for the federal government that will reach far into the future. Haskell’s integrated design-build approach ensured that the government received quality facilities, safely delivered on time and meeting the stringent requirements of the USGBC certification process.

These GOLD and SILVER certified facilities delivered to the Marine Corps, Army, Navy and Coast Guard included projects ranging from a boat maintenance facility with related wharf work to massive retail complexes. Their geographic reach was from coast-to-coast. Many of the newly LEED certified facilities were designed to improve the “Quality of Life” for military personnel, including the world’s first LEED certified Marine Corps Club located in Cherry Point, NC. Facilities which leave a gentle footprint on the environment have become a significant priority on military installations.

A plethora of sustainable strategies and features was included in each of these facilities. An analysis of various features was conducted for each project to compare life cycle cost with initial financial output. Sustainable strategies and features that minimized energy consumption; conserved resources; avoided adverse effects to the environment; provided occupant comfort; and reduced total cost of ownership by using a whole building, life-cycle approach were incorporated.

The projects were designed and constructed by Haskell of Jacksonville, Florida, one of the nation’s pioneers in integrated “in-house” design and construction services. Integration is seen as a more efficient process and places the responsibility of design and construction on one firm rather than splitting it across a design firm and general contractor. These integrated processes allowed Haskell to exceed the contractual LEED requirements of SILVER on four of these contracts, obtaining LEED GOLD without additional cost to the government. The U.S. Military and Haskell are dedicated to seeking ways to increase energy efficiency and be environmentally friendly. The efficiency of these new facilities is a continued step in the right direction and a welcome addition to the great sustainability strides already taking place on military installations across the world.

About Haskell

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