Award-Winning Annapolis Project Exceeds Industry Standards

Award-Winning Annapolis Project Exceeds Industry Standards

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND – The CDM Smith/Haskell joint venture design-build of a new 8 MGD water treatment plant for the city of Annapolis, Maryland, has been recognized by the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) for safety and health work methods that exceed industry standards.

The CDM Smith/Haskell team is one of just three joint ventures to receive this designation. The team collaborated to develop and implement a project-specific safety plan which incorporated the best practices of each organization, and reiterated safety habits daily. Everyone on the project was considered accountable for safety, and their participation was fundamental to the program’s success.

MOSH works to improve the safety and health of Maryland's men and women working in the public and private sectors through consultation, outreach and educational programs, partnerships, setting and enforcing standards, and encouraging continuous process improvement in workplace safety and health.

The Cooperative Compliance Partnership (CCP) is a new way for Maryland employers and MOSH to work together, outside the scope of traditional compliance enforcement, to ensure safe, healthy working conditions in Maryland. The purpose of a CCP is to recognize companies with proactive safety and health programs and, in turn, have MOSH work with such companies to ensure their employees are not exposed to hazards. The program has successfully exceeded all expectations as a way to ensure safe workplaces while improving employer relationships.

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