Western Strategic Facility Master Plan

Western United States

100 bed hospital in the west.

Developing a visually prominent facility with east access to care.

Facing a lack of community awareness and a disproportionate number of outpatients, this facility engaged Haskell to create a new image for the site to recapture patient volume, improve site functionality, right-size the hospital based upon future inpatient volumes, and expand/relocate outpatient services to manage the health of newly insured patients as they join the system.

Differing substantially from the typical “large hospital/small MOB” model seen on many hospital campuses, Haskell’s recommendation creates a disease-based “small hospital/large MOB” to capture and manage patients with common treatment conditions prevalent in the service area. The master plan proposes:

  • Vertical expansion to an existing specialty MOB to create a prominent beacon visible from the street
  • Linking new and existing buildings by a retail concourse so patients treat the facility as a one-stop-shop rather than driving and parking to see multiple specialists within the campus
  • An urgent care “instacare” to supplement the emergency department by siphoning vertical patients to less costly treatment space

Within newly configured outpatient zones, a disease-based model promises notable economies of scale. Rather than individual clinics for each provider with dedicated exam rooms, support, and waiting, one large clinic will house multiple providers with shared waiting, staff, and exam spaces. Like a modern emergency department, the clinic will be able to accordion up or down depending upon volume fluctuations at different times of the day or week.

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