Venice Membrane Replacement Project

Venice, Florida

Preparing water treatment plants to be more efficient-now and into the future.

Like many cities, Venice, Florida desired to continue delivering water of the highest quality to rate payers. To meet that goal, the city would need to replace aging reverse osmosis equipment and a dated SCADA system. The city preferred a long-term solution-one that addressed current needs while providing the ability to adapt to growing future demand. The city realized Haskell would be the best partner to move the project forward.

Progressive design-build breeds best-in-class solutions.

By utilizing progressive design-build (PDB), city officials benefited from a high degree of transparency into the project process. In addition, PDB allowed for the full consideration of all design and engineering options prior to establishing a guaranteed maximum price. Empowered with quality alternatives, the city of Venice could implement a preferred solution that addressed critical initiatives and produced favored outcomes. As a project partner, Haskell committed to not only completing the project, but helping the client achieve certainty in their capacity to serve rate payers.

The city chose Haskell based upon experience, know-how and proven results.

Venice decided from the onset to select a project partner based solely on qualifications. Officials understood the technical challenges required to complete the project. A demonstrated proficiency with technical aspects, as well as related issues such as procurement and logistics would also be required of the design-builder. Haskell’s water/wastewater experience, collection of highly-skilled professionals and portfolio of completed projects made us the most qualified, as well as complete choice.

  • The existing reverse osmosis plant has a treatment capacity of 4.3 MGD
  • The proposed project will replace the membranes at the City’s WTP and upgrade the SCADA system for the overall facility
  • The new reverse osmosis system will lower operating costs while ensuring the delivery of high-quality water to the rate payers of Venice well into the future

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