Upholding rigorous military design standards.

When the U.S. Navy needed to create a new seawall and ship berth to port a 400-foot research vessel, the demanding project required adherence to pinpoint standards. Within the assignment, Haskell planned and executed a number of marine work improvements involving services ranging from design-build to land reclamation.

A bulkhead built to stand the test of time.

A 61-foot bulkhead of steel sheet piling was installed, and designed to withstand a large load of force — 50,000 PSI. The design called for numerous infrastructure requirements, including a surcharge of 600 lbs. per square feet and a crane load of 140,000 lbs. behind the bulkhead, 30,000-pound bollard supports, and a tie rod deadman system that avoided a buried barge.

Experts with laser-like focus on quality.

Ultimately, this multi-faceted project required a variety of resources and expertise. Our integrated business model and ability to self-perform many aspects of construction made it easy for our client to access the ideal team for each unique project component.

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