The Navy needed to upgrade a key at-sea catastrophe training facility.

The U.S. Navy selected Haskell’s integrated design-build team to replace their Damage Control Wet Trainer, which had been in service since 1942. The trainer, a critical element boosting Naval mission readiness, provides a basic knowledge and understanding of shipboard systems and emergency repair methods. Several thousand sailors each year learn from a key facility training exercise: the experience of a ship flooding in a safe, controlled environment.

The advanced structure had extensive technical and utility demands.

The P-285 Damage Control Trainer is an advanced, 14,400-square-foot, one-story, training facility with a wet trainer, pipe mock-up area, observation areas, training rooms, classrooms, laboratories, a chemical chamber and support spaces. Haskell developed a unique delivery approach by taking advantage of the active seaport jobsite location. The wet trainer portion of the project was fabricated off-site at a local shipyard and then floated down the Elizabeth River for unloading and transport to the prepared site. The remainder of the training facility was then constructed around the wet trainer.

We built the facility without affecting surrounding training operations.

Project construction took place in the same vicinity as an active fire-training environment. The military activities continued undisturbed, with the wet training project seamlessly coming to bear. Our ability to deliver the facility without interrupting surrounding operations was not lost on our client. It was a feat unprecedented in the normal Navy environment.

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