Jupiter Island wanted to solve growing water issues.

Solving current water supply demands provides limited value. That’s why South Martin Regional Utility looked to Haskell for a big-picture plan for a sustainable water treatment facility solution. Rather than simply cure a capacity issue, they also wanted to increase efficiency and water quality.

The facility employs a high-tech solution to boost water quality and decrease operating costs.

Our team designed and constructed a 1.0 MGD addition to the current 2.67 MGD facility and provided for a future 1.0 MGD expansion. The upgrade had a minimal effect on ongoing operations and implemented modern reverse osmosis technology to provide the highest quality, most cost effective water.

We self-performed more than half of all project construction.

Haskell’s ability to self-perform an estimated 55 percent of project resources directly improved project safety and quality across the board. Self-performance expedited state approval permitting and coordination as well as approvals from local agencies. It was a long-term solution with clear benefits for both the town and residents.

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