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SAFRAN Landing Systems selected Haskell's Malaysia team to design, install and help commission a variety of components required to support the operation of a furnace used in their production process.

The advanced production process presented high precision demands.

The production process is quite impressive, using technology found in aerospace engineering, along with weaving technology that traces its roots to Jacquard looms invented in 1804. When you add some power distribution, vacuum pumps, and furnaces that sustain over 1500-degree Celsius temperatures for several weeks during the production cycle, you get a challenging project!

Haskell's greatest challenge was the high precision installation required by the client. Due to the long lead time of certain valves, piping needed to be welded in place first. The positioning of the pipes was critical to ensure that the valves would fit when they arrived. Any damage to pipe flanges would compromise the integrity of the vacuum system. In order to facilitate the pipe installation, fabrication of precision spools (in place of valves) was necessary.

Precision setting, leveling and anchoring was required for seven V1 Pump Skids, each weighing 7 tons.

Same-day furnace installation required days of mock lifting.

Haskell was responsible for accepting delivery, setting, installing, and anchoring/bolting the owner-provided F607 furnace. The 30-ton furnace required leveling and shimming to within +/- 2 mm of levelness. Four lifting machines were utilized to ensure same-day furnace installation. Days of planning and mock lifting exercises were carried out prior to furnace arrival.

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