Design needed to begin on a processing facility where the processes were still under development.

OSI was set to build the first modern-day dry sausage processing facility — the first in the United States in more than 20 years. The partner they chose to deliver the highly automated facility on time had one known challenge ahead of them. OSI had not fully completed their process design and needed a partner that understood those needs. Their choice for the task: Haskell.

We quickly crafted effective facility and process solutions despite a harsh winter.

The highly automated 50,000-square-foot facility was delivered on a tighter-than-tight schedule. The plant included varied production areas including a stuffing room, fermenting cabinets, packaging room, shipping dock, dry storage area, and employee areas with lockers, a kitchen and cafeteria. One of the key components was the automatic product loading, transportation, cooking, and unloading system.

The project called for overseas collaboration and exceptional subcontractor oversight.

Haskell delivered and on a very tight timeline. We engaged our own subcontractors in cases where the owner’s contractors were not able to fulfill their obligations and additional support was needed to be able to operate. OSI was very satisfied with the final product and especially appreciated that it was completed on schedule allowing them to fulfill their client commitments.

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