Infusing physical space with a youthful experience.

The tree-lined, welcoming campus of Jacksonville University is home to thousands of students. What the 260-acre campus lacked was a central hub for visitors, alumni and guests to enter the campus or gather together. To bring a proposed Admissions Office to life the university trusted Haskell to design and build the signature 11,512 square foot campus building.

Haskell created a memorable cornerstone for campus visits.

The architectural aesthetic, inspired by the university’s dolphin mascot and proximity to the St. Johns River, brought fresh, modern style through ample use of glass and metal while aligning with existing campus structures. The bright, airy interior creates an easy pedestrian connection to the existing campus and wows first-time visitors with a grand lobby, interactive technology, a swag shop and group presentation space.

The progressive design supports future phases of the campus experience plan.

Eighteen months later, the welcome center took its place as the primary campus feature for incoming visitors and guests. Working closely with the university team, Haskell created a functional, practical building that fits with the campus while managing to stand out and invites guests inside to explore. The award-winning design captured a number of design, construction and education sector awards.

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