A need for more parking drives a smart solution.

Parking in any downtown can prove difficult. But it was exceptionally true in the major metropolitan area of Jacksonville, Florida. The city needed more downtown parking to draw development and support local events. The problem they turned to Haskell to solve? How to provide parking and offer economic benefits to the city.

We crafted a plan that would provide and contribute.

The development team crafted a comprehensive financial, design and construction solution. The result was two new parking garages, that when combined, provided downtown visitors with easy access to more than 1,400 parking spaces. Best of all the public-private partnership, provided tax revenue to the city, created jobs during and after construction, and gave opportunities to local subcontactors and vendors.

More parking is attractive to visitors and businesses.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority partnered with Haskell on development of both structures, including financial, design, construction, ownership, operation and maintenance components. In coming years, the garages will provide parking, enhance the city’s ability to attract downtown development and further their mission of engaging small and emerging businesses in the downtown district.

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