Emory University Hospital Laboratory

Atlanta, Georgia

Renovation improves existing operations.

Incorporating modularity prepares for future modalities.

Coordinating a three-fold purpose for Emory University Hospital, the laboratory renovation decompresses compacted operational work flows for identified portions of the multi-compartment academic and clinical laboratories, vacates prime in-house square footage needed for the adjacent ED expansion, and positions the space for potential future reorganization through use of modular bench system furniture and strategic placement of engineered connections.

The design provides an open laboratory concept utilizing modular benches to maximize flexibility. Operational space needs tend to expand/contract over time due to evolving procedures and/or equipment. Functions from any one grouping need flexibility to ebb/flow to another.  Additionally, the modular benches and open floor plan permit greater flexibility to incorporate new equipment and changing technologies.  Further, the utilization of modular benches and plug/play connectivity of engineered services positions the facility for potential and more invasive reorganization.

To ensure the entire laboratory remained completely operational throughout construction, Haskell worked extensively with the hospital directors, laboratory pathologist, clinicians, technicians, and the selected contractor to plan for and maintain laboratory operations.  Many sub-phases were required to achieve global two-phase construction.

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