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Personal Care Project


In order to add new production lines to their existing manufacturing facility, a leading contact lens manufacturer required reconfiguration of manufacturing and storage footprints. They selected Haskell to provide loading dock, warehouse sizing, and traffic flow analysis; project cost estimating and project budget estimating. Ultimately, the recommendation was to reconfigure the existing space to more closely align manufacturing and storage of products together. This left room for additional space to be constructed as the volume of business increased and additional manufacturing assets were required in the facility.


Household Goods Project


A consumer goods producer was out of manufacturing capacity and sold out of their products on a daily basis. A new packaging line was added, which included an empty container supply system (case erector, bag inserter, pail placer), empty container conveyor system, filling, filled container conveyor system, product code application, lid placement, decuffing, case sealing, palletizing, and pallet stretch wrapping. The building scope encompassed renovations to an existing attached warehouse to convert it into pallet forming and finished goods storage. The project resulted in an increased output of finished product and a 33% increase to the workforce.


Tissue Project


A large tissue manufacturer needed to integrate cases from two lines in a new department of their existing material handling system. The Haskell team provided equipment, installation, engineering and checkout/commissioning services. This project was the first execution of the manufacturer's initiative to expand product-specific production capability across three sites. The execution was the culmination of a two-year design effort.


Tobacco Project


To increase manufacturing efficiency and quality, a leading tobacco manufacturer needed to replace its existing can packing systems which were out of date and borderline unserviceable. The Haskell team delivered a conceptual project plan which included an operational assessment and proposed improvement recommendations. Ultimately, this plan helped the customer increase efficient product output. The cost to manufacture was reduced, which led to increased profits.


Tobacco Project


A tobacco manufacturer had just developed a new product; therefore, they needed the capability to produce at high speeds while lowering manufacturing costs. Haskell designed a new packaging line to lower costs, enabling the manufacturer to increase market share.


Agricultural Processing Facilities


A global agriculture company required engineering and construction support services for a state-of-the-art corn seed processing facility. Primary components included a dryer addition, propane storage, corn receiving addition, bulk storage addition and a warehouse addition.  


Professional Products Manufacturing Facility


A maker of leading international household brands required the relocation and construction of a large, new administration building, manufacturing plant and distribution center. The Haskell team provided complete construction management and conceptual design services. 

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