Church & Dwight – Compounder Automation

Victorville, California

A new process line created more consumer product manufacturing opportunities for Church & Dwight.

One of the fastest growing Consumer Packaged Goods providers, Church & Dwight, selected Benham, a Haskell Company, to provide both preliminary engineering and design-build services for the installation of a multi-product process line. Church & Dwight chose to take an existing warehouse and distribution center at their Victorville, California, facility and convert it into a fully integrated manufacturing facility complete with raw material receiving rail infrastructure, new interior workspaces, proprietary process blending operations and hazardous material storage.

Construction and installation were completed without interrupting the facility’s existing output.

From the outset, it was critical to our client that the construction and installation of their new production system, which was built adjacent to an existing cat litter operating line, did not interrupt their existing manufacturing. As a result, our design and modification work incorporated provisions for temporary relocation and provided temporary power, utilities and services to maintain operational capability during the construction phases.

The successfully completed project increased the client’s efficiency and production capabilities.

With the new line completed, Church & Dwight is now able to easily switch their production between cat litter brands with minimal downtime to convert the system from one product to the other. We also added some Value Engineering options to eliminate the conveying of abrasive, corrosive solids as well as the need for a new chemical dissolver.

  • Evaluated drawings, P&IDs, recipe and batch timing data to develop creative engineering solutions for bulk storage and transfer of raw materials
  • Provided designs along with several Value Engineering options to Church & Dwight’s team
  • Upgraded five bulk chemical systems
  • Provided a creative solution to replace a solid salt system and eliminate the conveying of an abrasive, corrosive solid
  • Created an innovative way to load citric acid, which eliminated the need for a new borax dissolver
  • Project was installed adjacent to the existing operating line so that operations could continue on the traditional cat litter line during construction
  • The new process line allows the client to run multiple products through the same system with minimal downtime for conversions
Vice President & Division Leader – Consumer Products

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