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In our strategy to achieve growth and leadership in core markets, Haskell has expanded to the Asian region, with a total of 4 offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam. Each office is equipped to leverage its individual expertise to meet the unique needs of our clients in Asia, without compromising our integrated project delivery method. Collectively, we are leading our industry in APAC by providing unparalleled service and innovative solutions to our customers.

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Our team is honored to be serving the communities where we live, where our friends and families gather, and where we were educated. Our network of associates and partners seek to leave positive legacies where ever we operate. We believe our values influence our behaviors which drive performance and create positive outcomes for our communities."

Jonathan Toke
Vice President for Asia, Haskell

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Living The Values

Our commitment to our core values of Team, Excellence, Service and Trust extends beyond the workplace. Haskell is dedicated to our mission of building a better tomorrow, and when we are not building for our clients, we spend our time building a better future for our community.

Haskell in Asia Pacific has a strong commitment to making sure that the communities we live in are well taken care of. In 2020, the APAC team spent about 400 hours on social outreach activities, making sure that we reach out to the local communities.

Our social outreach activities are planned and developed according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), to ensure that we play our part in building a better future.