Owners look forward for sustainable solutions.

Companies remain committed to sustainable facilities, but must find ways to attain goals within the boundaries of their financial reality. Clients can prepare for the future now, going beyond concepts to actual deliverable energy savings.

Achieving net zero results.

The design process began by evaluating one of our LEED NC 2009 Silver Certified buildings from a net zero perspective. We then generated a revised design to ideally respond to our net zero energy goal. The revised design incorporates a high-performance envelope and relies on two different solar energy technologies to generate the power required for lights, HVAC and plug loads. We leveraged extensive daylight harvesting by incorporating several daylight amplification strategies.

We took a practical approach to net zero design.

Our goal was to develop a practical and marketable model utilizing current technologies, materials, methods and systems. Drawing on our design-build strength, in-house professionals provided real time feedback on feasibility and cost. We chose equipment and systems that offered the most value while considering energy efficiency, longevity, operational and maintenance costs.

Green Features

Leed Certification Logo
  • Meets US Department of Energy’s Net Zero Site Energy definition
  • Comparable to achieving a minimum of 82 points in LEED 2009 NC rating system, making it a LEED Platinum eligible building
  • 25/82 points (30%) are achieved exclusively under Energy and Atmosphere Credits 1 & 7 (Optimize Energy Performance a& On-Site Renewable Energy)
  • Extensive daylight harvesting
  • Meets ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation requirements
  • Aggressive plug load strategies such as timers on outlets and utilizing equipment with loads recommended by NREL
  • Heavy use of recycled materials
  • Rainwater cistern for net zero water use

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