We analyze and model system performance to scrutinize production, measure improvement or justify a future capital investment.

Uncover the true potential of systems without guesswork.

We take the risk and unknowns out of buying, building or modifying manufacturing systems with diagnostic and analytic tools that effectively predict the capacity and ability of your current or future system. Haskell can successfully pinpoint what’s possible within your current operation through intuitive technical insight and then quickly replicate, investigate and verify a variety of concepts and scenarios using dynamic 3D modeling.

We accelerate workflow with insightful data and technology.

Haskell has helped a number of large, high-speed packaging and manufacturing operations save millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of hours. We pore through analysis, simulation, emulation and diagnostics to identify relevant issues and uncover verifiable solutions. Simulation models let you see your line design working and can provide hands-on training to operators. Use the data to set performance benchmarks, quantify improvements and limit the risk of updates or upgrades.


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