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Sky Global Power One
“We chose Haskell because of the relationship with GE and the obvious confidence that GE Jenbacher had in Haskell’s capabilities and performance. Haskell has been a pleasure to work with.”
Randy Bird
COO, Sky Global Partners, LLC.
Don Kartzmark
Division Leader, Energy

Sky Global Power One

A power distributor seeks to protect customers from price spikes.
Due to a growing population, hot climate and extensive industrial sector, customers in Texas experience significant wholesale price spikes. San Bernard Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SBEC), a power distribution cooperative supplying electricity in Central Texas, responded to these spikes by partnering with an independent power producer, Sky Global Partners, LLC. With this alliance, Sky Global will build, own and operate a peaking power plant that will supply peaking power to the SBEC to increase grid resiliency and control overall cost of wholesale power. 
Expertise is required to deliver a cutting edge power plant.
In order to provide reliable power to SBEC, Sky Global envisioned a 50-megawatt power plant utilizing six General Electric (GE) Jenbacher J920 gas-fired reciprocating engines. After reviewing Haskell’s competitive capabilities and partnership with GE, Sky Global chose Haskell to design and build the plant for the largest North American power project for GE Jenbacher FleXtra gas engine to date.
The power strategy moves forward.
Once Haskell completes work on this ground-breaking power plant, San Bernard will be able to supply their customers with fast, reliable on-site power that will reduce the cost impacts of high demand periods and improve grid resiliency and reliability. 
Colorado County, Texas, USA
Largest North American power project for the GE Jenbacher FleXtra gas engine to date

Includes six GE EcomaginationSM qualified 8.6-MW J920 FleXtra ultra-fast response, natural gas-fired reciprocating engine generator sets
Start Date
January 2015

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